Superstar Singlet (Female)
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Originally intended for competitive rowing, these "kits" have been repurposed as competitive lifting singlets, sold through LBEB.

Although these singlets have been utilized in USAW weightlifting meets and APF Powerlifting meets, check the rules of your own federation to see their ruling on singlets.

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Ladies, look like a Superstar in our brand new Special Edition All In One Suit!

Ideal for the fun loving lifter with a glint in their eye, this training kit - useful both indoor 

and on the water - the AIO contours to the body for a streamlined, anatomical fit. With a cut 

engineered for the male and female form, the Roman Centurion All-In-One is a desirable bit of kit!

Made entirely from our our high performance GS-TEK fabric, it manages moisture, is fully 

breathable to keep you cooler and drier. The AIO is a fully sublimated garment, where each 

colour is sublimated at 200 ̊C, using the latest technology, to ensure colour permanence and 

an extraordinarily sharp and bright finish.

It is preferable to wash the kit at 30oC, but certainly no more than 40oC and dry the fabric at 

low temperatures to get maximum usage from the clothing. Do not tumble dry. Use a cool 

iron on the fabric if needed.

How to measure

Measure around the fullest part of the chest, keeping the tape under your arms.

Measure around waist at its narrowest part.

Inside Leg
Take a pair of trousers that fit you well. Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom hem of the trouser leg.


* Sizes with '*' are custom made garments only, not standard mail order.


The Godfrey All-In-One are designed to be a close fitted garment, (following the contours of the male or female form). They are intended to be worn next to the skin. Please take this into consideration when choosing your size.











Feet tall (Metres tall)


34" (86 cm)

28" (71 cm)

32" (81 cm)

28" (71 cm)

4’11”-5’3” (1.50m-1.60m)


36" (91 cm)

30" (76 cm)

34" (86 cm)

30" (76 cm)

5’2”-5’6” (1.57m-1.68m)


38" (96 cm)

32" (81 cm)

36" (91 cm)

32" (81 cm)

5’5”-5’9” (1.65m-1.75m)


40" (101 cm)

34" (86 cm)

38" (96 cm)

34" (86 cm)

5’8”-6’0” (1.73m-1.83m)


42" (106 cm)

36" (91 cm)

40" (101 cm)

36" (91 cm)

5’11”-6’3” (1.80m-1.91m)


44" (111 cm)

38" (96 cm)



6’2”-6’6” (1.88m-1.99m)


46" (117 cm)

40" (101 cm)



6’5”-6’9” (1.96m-2.06m)



Our GS-Evo Lycra is produced here in the UK. It is the technical fabric of choice for modern

athletes as it has superior stretch and wicking properties, along with also providing

protection against UVA and UVB rays from exposure to sunlight. GS-Evo is a knitted nylon-
based fabric made from 92% Polyamide, 8% Lycra, with a comfortable and soft finish. The

modern fibre construction draws moisture away quickly and efficiently from the body to

keep you comfortable even when working hard, while its full circle stretch capabilities allow

maximum freedom of movement.

GS-Evo is a durable fabric that keeps your kit looking new for longer. It will hold its shape

and vibrant colour as only a nylon can, despite hard training, sun, surf and repeated

washing. Unlike previous man-made lycras it has a natural cottony feel so it is ideal next to

the skin.

Wash at 40°C and dry the fabric at low temperatures to get maximum usage from the

clothing. Do not tumble dry. Use a cool iron on the fabric if needed.

• Fully breathable

• Superior stretch

• Faster drying than cotton

• Able to hold its shape and vibrant colours

• High wicking

• Durable


Our GS-Tek fabric is produced here in the UK. It is a highly technical, flexible and enduring

fabric. GS-Tek is a 92% Polyester and 8% Lycra mix. The ability of the fibre and fabric to

return to its original length, shape, or size immediately after the removal of stress allows

for generous stretch to be given to the wearer and freedom of movement. Polyester has

extraordinary strength, excellent resiliency, high abrasion resistance, and resists shrinking,

stretching and wrinkles. Polyester's low absorbency allows the fibre to dry quickly removing

excess moisture on the skin.

Wash at 40°C and dry the fabric at low temperatures to get maximum usage from the

clothing. Do not tumble dry. Use a cool iron on the fabric if needed.

• Elasticity

• Comfortable stretch

• Colour fast

• High abrasion resistance
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Superstar Singlet (Female)

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